Configurator Industrial and educational robots


With the development of polytechnic education, various types of robots are finding increasing use in schools. From small, single-purpose to real industrial. The disadvantage of the small simple robots is a certain limitation in terms of use, while for the industrial robots there is complicated programming. The advantage of DOBOT training robots is the combination of the features of industrial robots and operation, which can be adapted to the user\'s level of knowledge. That is why DOBOT MAGICIAN robots are very popular among pupils, students and their teachers.


An easily programmable small robot, which thanks to its features is an ideal tool not only for initial acquaintance with robots, but also for effective teaching of their programming. Available in Basic and Educational versions.


An easily programmable robot which, thanks to its features, is an ideal tool not only for initial acquaintance with robots, but also for effective programming instruction. We supply with a wide range of accessories.


The robots come with a range of training accessories such as a belt conveyor, linear rail, an Arduino kit or a robotic vision kit for programming advanced applications.


DOBOT industrial robots are characterized by reliability, durability and easy operation as well as programming options that are responsive to all levels of programming knowledge. Learning programming is one of the simplest and does not require any special knowledge. Classical programming without knowledge of the syntax of the programming language is possible by the SCRATCH graphical interface. Excellent for an operator who does not program very opfften. For professionals, there is standard script programming in LUA languague. Robots can therefore also be used as training robots.


A small collaborative desktop robot with a base layout smaller than A4 paper, with a reach of 440 mm and a load capacity of 750 g, it is a solution for light industrial applications. Thanks to easy commissioning, learning programming and the ability to detect collisions, this robot will meet applications where flexibility, safety and rapid deployment are required.


Robot suitable for mounting on a work table. Due to its dimensions and low weight, it is not a problem to move the robot easily and the installation itself does not require any special storage. The maximum reach of the robot is 40 cm and is quite sufficient for most smaller applications. It can handle objects up to 1.5 kg with an accuracy of 0.02 mm.


DOBOT CR is a safe and flexible collaborative robot designed for industry. The robot is designed for use in small and medium-sized enterprises, schools and for anyone who needs a robot with intuitive operation. It is a new generation of intelligent self-learning robot that effectively helps speed up the process of industrial automation.